How long shall I wait for my initial fertility consultation?

As soon as we receive your medical documentation and filled in medical questionnaires, we present your dossier to Nadezhda fertility team for assessment. Then, making an appointment for an initial consultation depends mainly on how busy the clinic is and if the woman can come in the most appropriate for examination period of her menstrual cycle. To facilitate patients, Nadezhda Fertility Clinic also makes appointments during the weekend.

What kind of documents is necessary before my initial fertility consultation?

In order for the fertility specialists to preliminary assess your case you need to send us your available medical documentation such as:

  • medical and fertility history
  • fertility medical reports
  • results of relevant blood tests
  • results of laparoscopy
  • results of hysterosalpingography
  • sperm analysis

These should be in English. Please, scan the documents you have and e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Could I come for an IVF consultation or start an IVF treatment during the weekend?

Yes, Nadezhda Hospital and MEDSPA work during the weekend days as well.


Which way are the donor eggs distributed? How many eggs could I receive from my donor?

If you are going through a donor-egg IVF treatment, you will be the only recipient for the designated donor. The number of eggs received depends on how the donor will respond to the stimulation. If there are extra embryos left from your 1st IVF, these could be freezed at the clinic's laboratory and used for your next IVF cycle on your request.

Is the cost of an IVF different depending on whether the couple is married or unmarried?

No, there is no such discrimination. The cost is the same for married and for unmarried couples.

What is the "cut-off" age for IVF treatment in Bulgaria?

According to the Bulgarian legislation, the maximum age of a woman undergoing IVF (non-donor or donor-egg) is by the time she reaches menopause.

What kind of IVF pretreatment blood tests do I need?

For both partners blood test results for Hepatitis B & C, HIV 1 & 2 and Syphilis done within the last 3 months and complete blood count for the female partner − within the last month, are required. If you could not succeed in doing these tests in your country, you can have them at Nadezhda clinic.

Does my male partner need to stay with me during the whole IVF treatment?

Your male partner should be at the clinic in the morning on the day of your egg retrieval in order to provide sperm for the egg fertilization. If he can’t travel at that time, he can provide sperm in advance. This means the semen will be frozen and kept by the time of fertilization. Please, have in mind that the freezing process involves extra cost of 100 euros. However, the best is if you can stay together during the whole IVF journey in order to help each other emotionally.

What is the purpose of acupuncture during IVF?

Acupuncture is used to facilitate the implanting of the embryo. This is from our website: The purpose of the acupuncture treatment is to lower your adrenaline level and increase the endorphins, balance your sex hormones, soothe the micro-contractions of the cervical muscles and improve the blood flow of the uterine lining. Based on their 3-year experience with acupuncture treatment after embryo transfer, Nadezhda clinic reports 14% increased chances of getting pregnant.

Do I need to pay extra for interpreting services with regard to my IVF treatment in Bulgaria?

 If the communication is in English, there is no such cost as Nadezhda team speaks English. This is only for a language different from English.


Do I need to pay extra for translation of my documents with regard to my IVF treatment in Bulgaria?

If your documents are in English, there is no extra cost for translation.

When can I fly back home after my IVF embryo transfer?

The fertility doctors at Nadezhda clinic will advise you to completely relax for 2 to 3 days in order to help the embryo implantation before you fly back home.

Do I need a medical treatment insurance for my IVF treatment abroad?

We recommend our patients to have insurance particularly designed for medical treatment abroad. UK patients going for IVF to Bulgaria can benefit from this special type of insurance provided by Sure Insurance Services Limited. Check these opportunities at

Shall I advise my GP that I am going for assisted reproduction treatment abroad (for UK patients)?

Your treatment will most probably require some post-treatment medications. They will be prescribed by your doctor in charge of the treatment abroad. However, in order to buy the drugs in the UK, your GP has to underwrite the European clinic’s prescription. So, it’s highly recommended to timely inform your GP about your treatment abroad and bring back with you all the documents related to your medical procedures abroad.

What requirements do egg and sperm donors in Bulgaria meet?

1. Sperm donors:

  • are over 18 years of age;
  • are not from HIV/AIDS risk groups;
  • are with a good family medical history that does not indicate the likelihood of any hereditary conditions;
  • are physically and mentally healthy and have never had any serious illness or surgery;
  • have a normal semen analysis allowing freezing and successful thawing;
  • have serologic testing for HIV, HBV & HCV, Syphilis and Chlamydia trachomatis;
  • have testing for Thalassemia and Mucoviscidose.

2. Egg donors:

  • are between 18 and 34 years of age;
  • are nonsmokers or rarely smoke;
  • are of normal weight;
  • have strong physical and mental health;
  • have serologic testing for HIV, HBV & HCV, Syphilis, Herpes, Cytomegalovirus, Chlamydia trachomatis and all other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • have had a complete gynaecological examination;
  • are with a good family medical history that does not indicate the likelihood of any hereditary conditions;
  • have a good social status;
  • are not from HIV/AIDS risk groups;
  • have already had a child.

How can I choose my egg or sperm donor?

Sperm donation in Bulgaria is permitted either by an anonymous donor or by the woman’s partner.

Egg donation could be anonymous (donor’s age 18 to 34) or by a sister or cousin (donor’s age 18 to 38). Egg donors should have at least one live birth. Donors are selected from the clinic’s database. Their profile includes blood type, weight and height, skin type, eye colour, hair type & colour, education & interests, smoking, etc.


•Personal coordinatior

•Analysis of medical records & individual consultancy

•All paperwork

•Traveler's information

•Meeting at airport & transfer to hotel

•Accompanying to the appointments at the clinic 

•Cell phone with BG SIM

•Drop off at the airport

•Treatment follow-up


•Translation & interpreting

•Trips to local attractions

•Individual IVF support SPA program

•Personal assistant


•Non-donor IVF: € 2900 

•Donor-egg IVF: € 5300

•Unstimulated IUI & donor sperm: € 650 

•Stimulated IUI & donor sperm: € 990