Useful Tips

Booking your flights for an IVF treatment in Bulgaria

For male partner: Booking your round trip is easy. You can come just for a day to provide the semen for the egg fertilization.

For female partner: Book just the flight to Sofia and be flexible for the return flight as depending on how you respond to the hormone stimulation, your stay in Bulgaria could take from 10 to 15 days. After an embryo transfer the fertility doctors at Nadezhda clinic will advise you to completely relax for 2 to 3 days in order to help the embryo implantation before you fly back home. 

IVF pretreatment tests

For both partners blood test results for Hepatitis B & C, HIV 1 & 2 and Syphilis done within the last 3 months and for the female partner only − complete blood count test done within the last month, are required. If you could not succeed in doing these tests in your country, you can have them at 'Nadezhda' clinic. 

Advise your GP that you are going for fertility treatment abroad (for UK patients)

Your treatment will most probably require some post-treatment medications. They will be prescribed by your doctor in charge of the treatment in Bulgaria. However, in order to buy the drugs in the UK, your GP has to underwrite the European clinic’s prescription. So, it’s highly recommended to timely inform your GP about your treatment abroad and bring back with you all the documents related to your medical procedures abroad.

The other option is to buy in Sofia the full-course doses of the medications such as progesterone and folic acid you may need following your fertility treatment.

On demand, medications could be also shipped to you by a courrier.

Initial consultation and fertility treatment in Bulgaria during the weekend

Most of our doctors provide service during the weekend. Your MEDSPA case manager is also available during the weekend.

Check the weather in Sofia



•Personal coordinatior

•Analysis of medical records & individual consultancy

•All paperwork

•Traveler's information

•Meeting at airport & transfer to hotel

•Accompanying to the appointments at the clinic 

•Cell phone with BG SIM

•Drop off at the airport

•Treatment follow-up


•Translation & interpreting

•Trips to local attractions

•Individual IVF support SPA program

•Personal assistant


•Non-donor IVF: € 2900 

•Donor-egg IVF: € 5300

•Unstimulated IUI & donor sperm: € 650 

•Stimulated IUI & donor sperm: € 990