IVF Reviews

John & Jane Massey, Melbourne – Australia, donor egg IVF

4 Nov 2012, During our visit to Bulgaria, we’ve had a great experience with Nadezhda Clinic and Medspa, and especially with Dr Stemanov. Currently my wife is pregnant after a successful IVF with donor eggs. I would highly recommend the clinic to any patient. 

Eva, Germany, donor egg IVF

28 Oct 2012, I just hit the big 46 one month ago prior to the trip. We spent right at EUR 20,000 for a donor cycle in several clinics which failed miserably. After putting up with all the shots and trips to the clinics, we found out nothing happened. We had seen the MEDSPA.BG website earlier in the year, but didn’t know if we could squeeze it into our schedule. But, after the first failure, we decided to try it in Bulgaria before we attempt to adopt.

So here we are, spending a good couple of months sending emails back and forth with Iva &  Dr Stamenov and getting questions answered. After we narrow down a time frame, Dr Stamenov from Nadezhda  clinic started to coordinate a donor for us. So, here we go. After 8 days in Sofia /very interesting city/ we are back in Germany and the test is positive. We do expect twins!


Sara Mcknight, IUI in Bulgaria 

4 May 2012, I am a female living in the UK, in Northern Ireland. I am in a same sex partnership and in my late thirties. I wanted a child before I was too old to try, and I obviously needed treatment with donor sperm. I had my partner's 100% backing so I priced treatments in the UK. The prices were so expensive I decided to look abroad. I had been to Bulgaria and to Sofia before so I contacted the Nadezhda clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria through Medspa and received an email quickly back from Iva. Iva works for Medspa and is Bulgarian but speaks fluent English. Iva answered all our questions and provided a wealth of information to me. Due to my age, I looked at IVF treatment but decided on IUI treatment stimulated by hormones, as I was  otherwise healthy. I was given a choice of donors so I picked one I thought was suitable. I booked time off work, for stimulated treatment is about 10 days, 3 or 4 I think, if not stimulated. I booked flights, Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Bulgaria and there are other cheap flights if you're prepared to stop over. My partner and I flew from Dublin. Assisted by Iva, I booked a suitable hotel close to the clinic. When my partner and I arrived in Bulgaria, I was met by Julia, Iva's colleague who took us to our hotel. Each day that we attended the clinic, we were lifted by and accompanied by Iva, Julia or Sissi, really lovely ladies who all speak fluent English and who together run Medspa. I met the fertility doctor, Doctor Stamenov who again spoke fluent English and was very friendly. The clinic was clean and very popular, and the only reason I have given 4 out of 5 stars is because very soon Dr Stamenov will be working from a brand new private clinic which will be much bigger and even more modern. I was monitored closely and got inseminated after 6 days. Two weeks later, at home, I tested, and I'm pregnant from my first try. I knew the clients of Doctor Stamenov thought very highly of him and now I know why. He clearly is a genius at his job. I went to Bulgaria with nothing but hope and have come back with a baby and three new friends in Iva, Sissi and Julia and of course Doctor Stamenov, who I will be forever grateful to. I can't recommend it enough... :)

Sarah, 44, UK, IVF treatment in Bulgaria 

31 Jan 2012, Having tried to conceive naturally for several years without success and being ineligible for IVF treatment in the UK, I decided to research IVF in Bulgaria.

The decision to go abroad for treatment can be intimidating, but from my very first contact with Iva from Medspa, she was highly professional yet friendly, and completely put me at my ease. 

Throughout my stay in Bulgaria, the whole Medspa team were very supportive, helping me with all sorts of practicalities, and just being there for me. I was alone in Bulgaria for most of my treatment and their support and friendship helped keep me sane!

At Nadezhda clinic, Dr Stamenov was always encouraging yet realistic, and was happy to answer any of my questions. It was very important to me to feel safe throughout the process, and with him I couldn't have felt safer. He is dedicated to his work and this really shows in the quality of care he provides. His team of nurses were lovely – even when we couldn't communicate in words I always felt reassured by them. Iva, Julia, or Sissy from Medspa accompanied me to all my appointments, providing translation and good company. The clinic was spotlessly clean and well equipped.

I would not hesitate to recommend Medspa and Nadezhda clinic. Strange to say I actually enjoyed the treatment, and this was almost entirely due to the quality of care I received. In contrast to my experiences with the NHS in the UK, I was always fully informed about my progress, everything was explained clearly to me, and I received comprehensive documentation about the treatment! I am waiting for my results with hope as I write this.....

I would be happy to chat about Medspa, Nadezhda, and Bulgaria to anyone considering this step. The Medspa team will pass on my contact details. Go for it - you won't regret it!

Gloria Begu, from Romania, IVF treatment in Bulgaria

20 Oct 2011, I would like to share briefly my personal experience from the medical treatment I recently had in Bulgaria. A business partner of mine, already acquainted with my personal problems /I was trying to have a baby for more than 3 years/ from Sofia reccommended me a clinic in Sofia - Nadezhda Clinic and Dr Georgi Stamenov - the Head of the clinic - as a very human and proffesional doctor in the fertility fielld. I tried to find in internet more info about the clinic and saw in the web site of medspa.bg a detailed information in english about the possibilities of the IVF treatments in Nadezhda clinic. The key manager form Medspa - Julie was very detailed and patient and after a month period with e-mails I received the appointment with Dr Stamenov. He was so calm and explained to me in his plan how he sees the situation, what is the problem according to him and he propose me a personal plan for an action. After a period of stimulations and after choosing the correct donor I am pregnant and after a month I`ll become a mother of a wonderful creature. The pregnancy is observed from my personal gynecologist. Special thanks about the care of Julie from Medspa, who assist me with her auto every day to the clinic and was with me. Have a success to all of you!

Caroline B, from UK, IVF treatment in Bulgaria

15 Oct 2011, I had been trying to conceive for 3 year when I was diagnosed with PCOS. My period is irregular, but I never guessed PCOS was the problem as I am quite fit. I have tried 5 Clomid/IUI cycles where I ovulated but with no success. I did my first IVF in 2009, but unfortunately overstimulated; abdominal pain and bloating was quite bad. Last year I had my 2nd round of IVF. The procedure went smoothly but I miscarried at about 7-8 wks because of an infection. In spring this year I ventured an IVF abroad - a Bulgarian friend of mine was successful at that clinic in Sofia. Both docs and nurses of Nadezhda clinic were very helpful and considerate, and spoke English. Moreover their international service agency Medspa did a great job too. They were fast in responding my mails and arranging my appointments at the clinic. They meet you at the airport, choose the right hotel for you and bring you to all visits at Nadezhda clinic. No waiting and no stress. So everything clicked at the end and I got my BFP after two tests. Now I’m at week 25 and I’m looking forward to having my healthy twins.

Sesile, from Macedonia, IVF treatment in Bulgaria

17 Sep 2011, After a difficult period trying to find "my doctor", the person to whom I could trust a 100% I had the chance to meet a nice lady from MEDSPA. She was so kind and explained to me in detail the pluses to become a patient of Dr Stamenov /a wonderful person and a real

man/. I appreciated the fact that she didn`t press me in my dessicion and soon with her full support I was in the clinic. Now I am a happy mother of twins, after having IVF treatment in Nadezhda clinic - Sofia. Dr Stamenov is an outstanding personality and a great specialist, with a brilliant memory for every one detail. You could fully trust him. You need just to follow the personal program he

reccommend during the way to the most wanted moment - the positive test:) The care of his team continue till the moment you need it.

Ann J, 39 yrs, from UK, IVF treatment in Bulgaria

14 Sep 2011, This is my story of successfully conceiving again with the help of Nadezhda clinic and Medspa team.

We had one playful girl who was desperate for a brother or sister; it’s also good to have the support of a sibling through your life, right? So, we put lot’s of efforts to have a second child naturally, but all was in vain. After a year and a half I found out that my left tube was blocked and on top of that my right ovary was not functioning well. My doctor thought the laparoscopy might help but unblocking the tube didn’t bring any success. I was recommended to try IVF, but surprise - it turned out I was not young enough and moreover, had already a child, so hardly had chances for NHS funding. On the other hand, exploring the private health options we realized we couldn’t afford in vitro at home. Waiting time was also too long, many months even for a first consultation. So, I started talking to friends and browsing the Internet to find other options abroad. A friend of mine is Bulgarian, so she recommended a clinic in Sofia where another friend of hers had successfully conceived. For international clients the clinic cooperated with a medical tourism facilitator - Medspa. Medspa guys were very positive and friendly and our communication was pretty fast. In no time they scheduled an initial consultation for us at Nadezhda clinic. From landing in Sofia Julia from Medspa became our faerie, being with us at all the consultations at the clinic, showing us the sunny Sofia city and meeting all our wishes with a magic stick. She arranged massage for us, a trip to the beautiful Rila monastery, gave us shopping tips and advised where to go out. From Medspa we even received a phone with a local SIM to stay in touch with our doctor. Dr. Stamenov and his team were absolutely perfect. Being quite busy with all the patients at the clinic, he shared with us enough of his time, care and enthusiasm. I felt really confident that we’d be lucky there and actually my IVF was successful! I’m waiting for my child now with so much love! Let me express my great thank you to all my Nadezhda and Medspa friends!


•Personal coordinatior

•Analysis of medical records & individual consultancy

•All paperwork

•Traveler's information

•Meeting at airport & transfer to hotel

•Accompanying to the appointments at the clinic 

•Cell phone with BG SIM

•Drop off at the airport

•Treatment follow-up


•Translation & interpreting

•Trips to local attractions

•Individual IVF support SPA program

•Personal assistant


•Non-donor IVF: € 2900 

•Donor-egg IVF: € 5300

•Unstimulated IUI & donor sperm: € 650 

•Stimulated IUI & donor sperm: € 990